Lunchtime is a time for sandwiches. Take your pick!


The Ethel Burger - A woppin' 9oz burger loaded up with all the fixin's! Served wtih golden french fries. We have to stick a toothpick in it just to hold this thing together!
Millbrook Cheesesteak - Just like a Philly, only in Millbrook! Served with Fries
Mushroom and Swiss Burger - Our Front Porch burger smothered in sauteed mushrooms, onions and swiss cheese!
Big BLT - Just like the original BLT, only a lot bigger!
Front Porch Burger - Ethel's little brother. Served with golden French Fries.
Shrimp Po' Boy - You don't have to drive to New Orleans to get a great Creole sandwich! Tender fried shrimp, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and cocktail sauce piled onto a french roll. Served with fries.
Hot! Smothered Chicken Sandwich - A juicy, grilled chicken breast smothered in our own spicy BBQ sauce, topped with crispy bacon, then covered up in cheddar cheese and fresh onion rings. Served with French fries. Ask for extra napkins!
Front Porch Club - Piled high with ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, lettude and tomatoe. This club won't leave you hungry!


Popcorn Shrimp Salad - Our fresh salad greens loaded with cheese, onion, tomatoes and pickles, topped with a mound of crunchy, golden fried popcorn shrimp Yummy!
Chicken Salad - A mound of fresh, crisp salad greens, cheese, onions, tomatoes and pickles finished off with your choice of fried or grilled chicken.
Chef Salad - Our fresh salsd greens, cheese, onions, tomatoes and pickles topped off with bacon, ham, turkey, and egg.

Side Items

Mac 'N' Cheese Bites
Corn Nuggets
Onion Ringes
Green Beans
Fried Okra
Side Salad
French Fries
Potato Salad
Loaded Potato